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Our Process Servers

There is much more to being a process server than simply delivering paperwork to a known address. Process servers must be both a messenger and a detective. A server needs to be able to read people, as well as situations quickly and accurately. Having a thick skin, persistent nature and the ability to stay calm are critical attributes of our process servers.

We often meet people at a difficult and pivotal time in their lives. Emotions and reactions of the people we serve can vary from being startled to angry, and pleasant to evasive. Process

Arizona process servers

are able to quickly size up a recipient and modify our behavior and mannerisms to elicit the best response possible.

Here are some of the unique skills Process Arizona servers possess:

A Persistent Nature
Our process servers are both persistent and patient. In some cases the situation may be complex, requiring our servers to be able to shift gears quickly. In other scenarios, we may need to conduct

surveillance and trailing

. We also may need to interview the recipient's family and friends, gather information as to his or her movements and even set up an ambush. We don’t give up.

Ability To Think On Our Feet
Our servers are able to stay one step ahead of the recipient. While we may have an initial plan for

serving an individual

, depending upon the circumstances we may have to change our plan on a moment's notice. Our servers are trained to react out of logic rather than emotion and must always keep in mind federal, state and local laws.

Stay Calm and Collected
It’s not uncommon for process servers to have doors slammed in our face or even be physically threatened. We have learned to not take these attacks personally. No matter how heated the situation may get, our process servers always stay calm, collected and professional.

Be Prepared
One of the most important aspects of serving is preparation. We gather all the necessary facts upfront. Being informed about the recipient's appearance, demeanor, habits and other important traits increases our success rate and reduces our turn around time.

Understand The Law
It’s no secret that
defense attorneys
may attempt to challenge the service in an effort to have the case thrown out. That's why all of our servers are extremely knowledgeable in the laws and procedures that govern
process serving in Arizona
. We are confident that all of our serves are performed legally and properly, and able to defend the circumstances against any possible challenge.
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